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🍰 Getting ready for another weekend of partying. tinyMovieStar has another couple of bDay parties today, since most family members were not able to join us on Monday. Yay.

What if I tried to make a game? A very simple one?

GB Studio has been downloaded, and it runs on the old Air. Exporting a ROM worked perfectly.

🥵 Thankfully this is a once-a-year situation. She’s happy as can be, we’re exhausted. 

😶 Change of plans: we have no energy to drive to the next town over for lunch, we’ll just stay at the in-laws (cousins are also here) for now, and then will make our way to the city. We do have a bDay party to attend. 

🌊 Not an awesome day, as far as infrastructure goes. Having issues with M.b. I'm basically throwing posts at it, but they are never shown anywhere. Blog, socials, nothing is happening.