tiny notes
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😶 Change of plans: we have no energy to drive to the next town over for lunch, we’ll just stay at the in-laws (cousins are also here) for now, and then will make our way to the city. We do have a bDay party to attend. 

🌊 Not an awesome day, as far as infrastructure goes. Having issues with M.b. I'm basically throwing posts at it, but they are never shown anywhere. Blog, socials, nothing is happening.

💅🏼 Trying NetNewsWire again. Still pretty sure it's not for me, but had to make a theme for it. I expected a LOT more would be available, but search always surfaces the same ones, and a repository site that is dead and gone.

Customization should be WAY easier on this one.

🧸 We woke up and stayed in bed for a long while. Got up and played with LEGO. Then painted while eating breakfast. Then someone remembered it was gym day, we should be at kindergarten earlier than usual. Bummer!

💨 Eat your hearts out!

Just finished moving to the new service provider, and the first test is even better than a few days ago. Over 1Gbps!