tiny notes
February 9th, 2024

⌨️ ~ Blog

And now there’s a blog, because I really needed another one of those!

maiquetilde, a proof of concept. My test blog on tilde.pt.

Published using bashblog,

A single Bash script to create blogs.

Yes. If you want to easily publish a blog, maybe skip this one. But it’s not too hard either, if we’re being honest. There is some configuration to do, of course, but the whole thing is pretty straightforward once that is done.

  1. Posts are written in Drafts, using the same Markdown we love. Copy post.
  2. Launch the super cool WebSSH.
  3. SSH into my tilde account, blog folder.
  4. Type “bb post”.
  5. Paste post.
  6. Save.
  7. Done.

Nothing more. The blog is rebuilt, RSS feed gets updated, all automatically.

CSS was borrowed, and tweaked, from another blog on tilde.pt (obrigado, ~epifanio), as the default theme is very VERY ugly.

The thing that I still find amazing, is the amount of cool geekiness one can accomplish with an iPhone, away from the laptop. Together with WebSSH that was mentioned before (for SSH and SFTP), I used Inspect Browser, and the really nice Runestone editor for the CSS stealing and tweaking part of the setup.